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Sunset Auction, online bidding

Online bidding is handled as an extension of the bidding floor. There are spotters watching the online bidders and informing the auctioneer in the same manner as spotters on the floor.

The auctioneer will increment the bid usually by standard increments and accept the highest bid accessable. Acceptance of any bid is the auctioneers option.

If there appears to be no bid coming for the currently requested bid increment it is up to the auctioneer whether to pass the item, decrement the requested bid or finalize the current bid.

Online bidding is not fully automated, it does take the interaction of the spotter to follow the bid increment. The software assists the spotter when a bid is indicated by sorting out who first entered that bid increment, the bid is acknowledged by the auctioneer and then the spotter before your screen indicates you are the successfull bidder.

There is no provision during the live phase of the auction for the online bidder to enter an amount. If you prefer that method of bidding, prior to the auction, please visit our auction preview website where absentee bids are entered.

There is no reason for you to automate a response to increments up to a bid of your choice, the absentee bid already does just that.


March, 2008 this service is an experiment at this point, it is conceivable that some practical limit to the number of bidders which can be handled at one time exists, what and how that limit might be found or implimented is not known. With this in mind, if you are accessing this sight from a local area network which has multiple bidders logging on at one time (more then three (3) ?) it might be appropriate to let us know, to ensure that provisions are made to ensure a connection number limit would not affect you. Thanx


Use of this system is a privalage not an entitlement, should we find any reason to block your access to this site , we may and whether that access is ever restored is entirely our choice.

Examples of actions that lead to blockage: automated attempts to crack login; flooding the server with packets (1,000's/second); abuse of services, ftp, email (we don't like spam nor those who spam);

On occasion we do firewall blocks of ip addresses (some french porn sites in particular) if by chance your ip is in one of the blocks, let us know, we can try to write a firewall rule around your usage

Hardware / software suggestions

Thank you for enquiring, we hope you have enjoyed your experience here.